Raw & Wild is passionate about healthy, balanced and meaningful living. We aspire to raise awareness about the medicinal and nutritional qualities of food, share our knowledge and experience and offer an alternative way of eating and preparing foods. Our mission is to promote health, balance, integrity, creativity and ultimately happiness.

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' ~ Hippocrates

Meet The Founder

Alongside being the founder of Raw & Wild Yiannis is a certified 5Rhythms teacher, holds a degree in creative arts therapies and has experience working in mental health and healthcare setting with both adults and children. Yiannis teaches movement as a spiritual practice. He wholeheartedly believes in the power of movement as a way of reminding us of our true essence: that we are all creative, wild and free and have a huge capacity to love and be loved. Yiannis has been dancing 5Rhythms for 10 years and feels called to be in loving service of others on their movement path of self-discovery and improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Raw & Wild Story

  • Whilst travelling in Asia and teaching a 5Rhythms workshop in Singapore a lady named Angel brought pili nuts for me to try. I really loved their texture and taste and within seconds became addicted to them. The next time I returned to hold a workshop I had an idea to make raw chocolate with pili nuts for the dancers. I experimented with making it and the feedback was amazing, everyone found the combination to be divine.

    This inspired me to travel to the Philippines in search of the pili nut. I started off in Manila and made my way down to travel all around the volcanic Bicol region of the Philippines, meeting the magnificent pili trees for the first time and educating myself about the pili nut. It was there that I decided I wanted share the pili nut with as many people as possible and turn it into a business project in 2016 and established RAW&WILD LTD. Following my trip to the Philippines I returned to the UK to found Raw & Wild and work on designing the branding, packaging and creating the website.

    I love the name Raw & Wild and it was a perfect match for the brand. My intentions behind setting up Raw & Wild were to combine my passions for vegan healthy foods, my knowledge about how to prepare foods and my experiences travelling and tasting a diverse range of amazing foods. These intentions are reflected back through the branding and preparation of the pili nuts. I activate the pili nuts, which means they have been pre-sprouted and dehydrated in order to preserve all of their nutrients, minerals and enzymes.

  • Pili nuts alone are extremely delicious and nutritionally packed! They are my favourite nuts and also very high in vitamins and minerals, namely the high vitamin e and magnesium content (which is hard to find naturally occurring in foods). Although the pili nut tastes great alone, I wanted to offer great tasting healthy variations so people have more to choose from, depending on their preference. All the ingredients used: ginger and turmeric, chilli, raw cacao and coconut are all dehydrated from fresh. My favourite flavour is chilli because I love the kick of chilli, especially in contrast with the creamy texture of the pili nut.

    Pili nuts can be used in salads, cakes and even go well on top of cooked foods. A smoothie in the morning is a great way to include your pili nuts and other amazing superfoods, fruits, nuts and berries. Pili nut pesto is my personal favourite and the recipe can be found on in our recipes section on the website. I believe that the key to a healthy lifestyle is to self educate and enquire about what gives your body nourishment, whether it be exercise, different foods or even stillness and put that knowledge into practice every day.

    You can buy our delicious pili nuts online at our online shop or find us in your local Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Revital Health and other independent health food stores in the UK and Europe.

Be Healthy! Be Raw & Wild!