Wild Berries Mini Cakes

Wild Berries Mini Cakes

This wild berries pili nut cake is unbelievably creamy and the perfect dessert to enjoy at anytime. The cake crust is a mixture of pili nuts, dates and sprouted buckwheat adding the crunch and sweetness to the dish. Use whatever berries (Wild or Frozen).

Inspired by Paulina Nienartowicz



70g Raw Chocolate & Coconut Pili Nuts
60g Soft Dates
60g Sesame Seeds
30g Dehydrated Sprouted Buckwheat
20g Cacao Nibs


50g Original Pili Nuts
150g Peanut butter or Tahini
Few drops of Vanilla Extract
3 tsp Lime Juice
200g Berry Mix (We used Blackberries, Cranberries & Raspberries)


To make the base blend all ingredients to a soft dough like consistency by first blending black sesame seeds, cacao nibs and sprouted buckwheat, add the remaining ingredients and process together.
Divide the mixture into 4 parts and press each part into a rounded cookie cutter mould with cling film or foil underneath to protect the base from falling. Set them in the freezer while making the filling layer.

For the filling layer start by blending berries and lime juice, add the remaining ingredients and process in a high speed blender until everything is well combined together. Pour the filling inside your bases and freeze for couple of hours. Decorate with berries and pili nuts. Enjoy!

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