Vegan Doukissa cake with Pili Nuts

Vegan Doukissa cake with Pili Nuts

A rich chocolate & biscuit pili nut fudge cake. A favourite with children!

Preparation time: 1 hour


45gr original pili nuts (for base)
25gr original pili nuts (for topping)
170gr dairy-free butter
180ml water
1tbsp flower blossom water
4tbsp stevia
5tbsp maple or agave syrup
9-10tbsp raw cacao
pinch of sea salt
380gr gluten-free biscuits


On medium heat, in a pan, add your butter, water, stevia, maple syrup and blossom essence until butter is thoroughly melted and liquid is quite hot (not boiling). Turn off heat and add in your cocoa (through a sieve so as to avoid any chunks) and salt. Stir through till all is combined with no lumps.
While thats cooling, break up your biscuits and pili nuts into a big bowl. Break biscuits into relatively big pieces, about 4-5 pieces per biscuit. Your liquid chocolate mixture should still be pretty warm. Pour this over your broken biscuits and pili nuts and stir them around carefully so each piece is covered. Stir once more after 5 minutes. Prepare your loaf tin by lining it with cling film and allow alot of overhang (so u can cover exposed bit later). Choose a topping and add a layer of this to the bottom of the loaf tin
Place your cake mix in the prepared loaf tin and press it down very slightly with the back of the spoon (you want the "topping" to stick to the bottom of it). Cover with the overhang cling film and place in freezer for 2 hours and then in the fridge for at least 3 hours. For the final touch add some pili nuts on the top of the cake.

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