Raw & Wild Smoothie Bowl

Raw & Wild Smoothie Bowl

Raw vegan smoothie is the perfect way to start your day, and this one is absolutely delicious. Refreshing, full of nutrition, and very quick and easy to make. It is the easiest meal to fill with fresh fruits, berries and superfoods to get many nutrients right after waking up. 

Preparation time: 40 minutes


70g Original Pili Nuts
2 Bananas
2 apricots
1 ts Spirulina
100g Blueberries
100g Strawberries (cut in halves)
50g Raspberries
50g Goji berries(soaked)
2 tbs Chia seeds
2 Kiwi (cut in slices)
1 ts Date Syrup
1 tbs Pumpkin Seeds


Blend together the bananas, apricots, pili nuts, spirulina and date syrup until smooth. Transfer your smoothie into a bowl and start decorating with the remaining ingredients. Here comes the most fun part where you can allow your imagination to create the most
colourful scenarios to brighten up your morning with one of the most healthy and nutritious
ingredients to be found. Be playful! Stay Healthy, Raw & Wild!

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