Pili Nut Pkhali (🇬🇪 Georgian Savoury Dish)

Pili Nut Pkhali (🇬🇪 Georgian Savoury Dish)

Pili Nut Pkhali

Pkhali - the traditional dish of Georgian cuisine made with spinach, nuts and spices. So tasty and easy to make. It's an excellent fulfilling vegan dish! Traditionally made using walnuts, however we have made it using pili nuts instead and it worked so well!

500g spinach
70g of Pili Nuts
30g walnuts (optional)
2 cloves Garlic (minced)
Seasoning: salt, pepper, ground coriander, blue fenugreek powder (all to taste)
1/4 Pomegranate (for decoration)

Blanch spinach for a couple of minutes, drain the water, cool down and get the water our of spinach by pressing it firmly.

In the meat grinder, grind the squeezed spinach, pili nuts, walnuts and garlic. 

Once the mixture is minced, add all the seasoning ingredients, mix thoroughly. Wet hands to form smooth balls. Decorate with pomegranate.

Pkhali with pili nuts close up

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